Fine art acquisitions Recommendations on purchases and de-acquisitions, beginning or expanding fine art collections.

Comparative research Comparative research for individual works of art or entire collections. Preparation of complete dossiers on works of art including provenance, published sources, references, comparable examples of similar styles, exhibition history, and market price comparisons.

Contextual photograph research Expert research on works of art in historical photograph collections and archives, to locate unpublished photographs that verify collection information and traditional contextual use.

Lectures A professional lecture service is available on a variety of art and museum related topics. Fully illustrated lectures can be prepared on request for private groups or organizations.

Left: View of shrine with spirit boards (gope) and figures (bioma), Era River, Papuan Gulf, Papua New Guinea. Photograph by Paul Wirz, 1930, Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Right: Spirit board (gope) Tomkins Collection. This board is seen in situ in the Wirz photograph at left.
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